Measurements woman

Measurements man

How to take measures

When you fall into the pot of sewing, you must begin with an essential step: taking measurements. It’s better to make a simple garment that suits you better than a sophisticated creation that yawns or squeezes you. The advantage of making your own clothes lies precisely in the possibility of making them tailor-made, from a pattern that you adapt to your measurements.


I have long sought a clear and detailed method, I admit I have not yet found. So I made a compilation of my best tips.

You need a tape measure, a ribbon for the waist, a large mirror and a friend to help you. Wear your usual undergarments or a body.

For a bust boss:

In profile, keep straight without returning or relax your stomach. Take the following measurements parallel to the ground:

  • waist circumference: about 1 cm above the belly button and in the hollowness of the back. Tighten a little bit and tie a ribbon to keep this reference
  • the bust: over your adapted bra, on the breasts protruding


  • the hips / pelvis: spread the legs to the width of the pelvis. Take the measurement at the maximum width of the pelvis, at the buttocks of the buttocks
  • the choker : at the base of the neck, rather loose


From the front, take the following steps:

  • length in front: from the shoulder at the base of the neck to the waist, through the most prominent part of the chest
  • chest height: from the shoulder at the base of the neck to the salient
  • breast gap: from one salient to the other
  • middle part: from one arm to another, inside the joint of the arms


  • shoulder length: measure each shoulder. From the base of the neck to the location of the armhole
  • round the small hips: at the pelvic bone
  • height of the small hips: from the waist to the line of the small hips
  • hip / pelvis height: from the waist to the pelvic line


From the back, it is imperative that you help by your friend:

  • length waist back: from the shoulder to the base of the neck up to the waist
  • middle back: from one arm to another, at the joint of the arms, on the line of the middle part in front


For the sleeves, you will need:

  • arm length: measure both arms. On the bent arm, from the shoulder to the elbow, then from the elbow to the wrist.
  • arm height at the elbow: from the shoulder to the elbow


  • arm circumference: around the strongest part of the arm.
  • wrist circumference: loose enough measurement around the wrist

For a trouser pattern, you will need the following measures, preferably aided by a friend:

  • leg length: measure both legs. Standing, sideways, from waist to ankle
  • knee height: from waist to knee
  • inner length of the leg: from the crotch to the inner ankle


  • height of the upright: sitting on a chair, measure the distance from the waist to the chair
  • fork: passing through the crotch, from the waist up to the back waist


  • Thigh circumference: around the strongest part of the thigh
  • Knee turn: around the knees
  • ankle circumference: around the ankles