Welcome to my world

My name is Enyonam (Enyo) ATAYI.
I create clothes and accessories from soft materials and textiles mainly collected from the Secours Populaire of St Herblain or found in unsold industrial textiles: the Relais Atlantique or brought by my clients with a single purpose, to make original creations to affordable prices for all.
It is in my home, where is my workshop in St Herblain that I explore my creative impulses. Totally self-taught, I imagine, selects the materials with care, cutting, assembles to transform the textiles and materials that I have on hand to give them a soul. A real adventure on each piece. I like to exploit the diversity of materials and colors; for that, I introduce ethnic fabrics, especially “Wax” (African fabrics) in my creations. The biggest of my strengths is my ability to work without a boss. This freedom allows me to remain open and free in creativity. Thus, I propose clothes but also useful and decorative accessories (lampshades, jewelry boxes …) in unique pieces. I also make custom pieces or co-design and it works mainly by word of mouth.
Where industry packs spirits and machines faster than trends, I try to take the time to listen, study and understand the singular desires of my customers to compose a design for everyone and unique in it’s genre.
Thank you for being here.